Warranties & Care

Wetsuits have a one-year guarantee as of the purchase date, for defects in the neoprene, materials, and manufacturing, upon presentation of the receipt.

Items must be sent for analysis and must be delivered washed, dry and clean. If the item is covered by the guarantee, it will be replaced or repaired. The guarantee excludes:

  • normal wear and tear, including scratches and aging;
  • damage caused by misuse, lack of care, inadequate storage (e.g. wet or folded), drying in the sun and heat, use of washing or drying machine or excess of chlorine;
  • rips caused by excessive force or made through contact with fingernails or sharp surfaces when putting the suit on or taking it off;
  • improper fitting due to purchasing the wrong size;
  • repairs or changes made by an unofficial repairer; 
  • wetsuits used in professional circumstances, as rentals, in schools, and by instructors.

All remaining items have a 2-year guarantee against defects as of the date of purchase/order delivery.

Only claims with proof of purchase will be accepted. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from transportation, storage, accident, misuse, failure to follow maintenance instructions, negligence, normal wear and tear or due to prolonged use and natural discoloration. It shall not be valid if the product has been subject to any modification or has been used for a purpose other than that for which it is intended. The warranty applies only to products sold by partners and online stores.

If you have any problem with your item within that period, contact us.